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Team Howell Crossfit… My Old Stomping Grounds.

Team Howell Crossfit... My Old Stomping Grounds.

Excited to start back at my old success spot.


I’m still here and I have some great news!

Hey everyone,

So sorry that my posts have been few and far between; as some of you may know, I am in the middle of a move from La Crosse to Winona. I work in Winona and commute everyday, so my free hours have gone to nil. 😦 This means I can’t get to PWLC as often as I would like. The positive thing is that I will be back in a city where I have a lot of support and I will be able to better adhere to my program! That means more accountability, walks around the Lakes, and eventually joining Crossfit, where I was previously a svelte 130 pounds about 3 years ago. Oh where does the time go? Although I love La Crosse, the plethora of food and drinking options make everything a temptation. Luckily, Winona has few options for those things, meaning I have a clear mind and can really kick some butt! Here is the PWLC current special! I will try to post more! The big move is tentatively February 28th, so please wish me luck and continue to follow me! I will be continuing my program until I get down to 150, however long it takes.

Love and happiness, Meg 🙂

Supplements- Getting Creative

People often ask if I get sick of eating the same things every day. The answer is: I dont! For example, a typical day 1 on Physicians Fast would be a chocolate shake,  a cinnamon roll bar, a big green salad with chicken for lunch,  a fudge graham bar, and a wildberry drink for dinner. Day 2 Ill mix it up and put my mocha shake in my coffee so it tastes like a latte, followed by my bars, another flavored coffee, and then some beef stir fry with veggies for dinner. The secret is being creative! 🙂 Meg.