Hi everyone! I’m Meg. I’m a 32 year old mother, account manager, and MBA student in Wisconsin, and I’m on a mission. I went from fab to flab over the course of a few years… due to inactivity, an unexpected back surgery, and let’s face it, beer (I DO live in Wisconsin)! I decided to partner with Physician’s Weight Loss in Onalaska, WI in order to lose about 100 pounds and get back to my “fighting weight” over the course of the next 6 or so months. They’ll be helping me out daily… with weigh ins, pictures, measurements, medical testing, and tips and tricks to get healthy, and most importantly, stay healthy! I am currently following the Physicians Fast diet, which includes supplements (think bars and shakes) as well as “real” food. The hardest part for me will be to avoid those girls nights out a.k.a. Margaritaville!!

Remember to check back daily for new content, specials, and more!

You can also get started yourself anytime by calling 608-781-THIN! They’re running a $250 special towards your program NOW, so why wait until the new year? Every day you’re overweight, it weighs (literally) on your health. Cheers, and we’ll talk more tomorrow!


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Losing 100 pounds with PWLC

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